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2013 Gammill Premier for sale!



Like new 2013 Gammill Premier 18"-8" with Breeze track system. This machine has no stitch regulator, few hours of use in like brand new condition. Price $4.500 without frame, $6.000 with 10' or 12' frame. Contact: bluhmirena@yahoo.com

Finally! After ten years into quilting, I just have

started selling some of my small art quilts on


Please visit my Etsy Store


Now, my small art quilts are also up for

sale through this website!!!!!!


Quilts on white background fabric painted with colored pencils

Quilts on black background fabric painted with fabric paints

You are invited to visit and join my Facebook group

'We the quilters share'

There is a lot of beautiful pictures posted by members and myself. This group was established 15 months ago and we are already over 3500 members strong!


This miniature piece is 16" X 18". The bird is quilted on a computerized system by Linda Robinson, painted by my sister Agnieszka Rydzewska, background filler by Irena Bluhm. This is my most recently finished piece.

My schedule is quite busy, but when it comes to teaching, it is the #1 on my priorities list! Did you know that you can schedule private workshops, just about anywhere including your own studio, or my studio in the Dallas, TX area which is equipped with several longarm quilting machines?

For more details, contact me by e-mail at:

bluhmirena@yahoo.com or call 580-209-2091


 Videos on demand

You need to sign up/join Vimeo.com first by creating an user name and a password. Once signed in, go to my 

Videos For Quilters website hosted by Vimeo.com and follow through with subscription to my video content.


Information package for Quilt Guilds 


Information package for private workshops-Longarm/machine quilters-Part 1 


Information package for private workshops-Longarm/machine quilters-Part 2 


Please be patient. It takes a couple of minutes to download these large PDF files


Contact me at: bluhmirena@yahoo.com for more info about my schedule availability for 2014 and 2015

Inquiries about lecture/trunk shows and workshops for Quilt Guilds as well as private hands-on machine quilting workshops are welcome. Since my intentions are having a very busy schedule, planning far in advance is necessary. 


For more information and schedule availability contact: bluhmirena@yahoo.com




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I have been posting lots of photographs and info on Irena Bluhm Page since December 2012! 

Inquiries about private hands-on machine quilting workshops in your area are welcome. I can bring 6 Gammill Premier quilting machines and have up to 12 students. Smaller classes allow me to give my students much more attention. There are still some openings in my schedule for 2014. Contact me by e-mail at bluhmirena@yahoo.com, or call 580-209-2091. 


Dear Quilters and Friends, 

Check out my Videos For Quilters Website and my YouTube channel. There are some free video clips available.

As you might know, I am planning to stay very focused on teaching for few more years to come. Buying my own machines and a big truck to transport them all along with other class equipment and supplies, allows me to be more flexible & independent. I have a very strong desire to provide the highest quality of a learning experience to my students.

The benefits for my students:

1. The reduced class size from 6-12 students, allows more attention for each student. Using 6 Gammill Premier on 3 tables makes 1-2 students per machine.

2. All of my quilts are displayed in a classroom [27 quilts and 30 miniature quilts] with no restrictions for photography

3. No rush to leave the classroom after the class. There is 1 hour break between classes and students can stay a little longer after the last class for the day is over.

4. In case of private workshops, students can benefit from the presentation of my work in form of a lecture/trunk show which usually takes place after hours. 


My truck parked in a barn            

Have a great time quilting,

Irena Bluhm


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