Now, my small art quilts are also up for

sale through this website!!!!!!

Quilts on white background fabric painted with colored pencils

Quilts on black background fabric painted with fabric paints


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There is a lot of beautiful pictures posted by members and myself. This group was established over 2 years ago and we are already over 5700 members strong!


This miniature piece is 16" X 18". The bird is quilted on a computerized system by Linda Robinson, painted by my sister Agnieszka Rydzewska, background filler by Irena Bluhm. This is my most recently finished piece. 

If you wish to schedule a workshop in your area, all you have to do is contact me by e-mail at:, or give me a call at: 580-209-2091


Information package for Quilt Guilds 


Information package for private workshops-Longarm/machine quilters-Part 1 


Information package for private workshops-Longarm/machine quilters-Part 2 


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Contact me at: for more info about my schedule availability for 2017


Inquiries about lecture/trunk shows and workshops for Quilt Guilds as well as private hands-on machine quilting workshops are welcome. Since my intentions are having a very busy schedule, planning far in advance is necessary. 



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